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2019 - a Year of So Much (that it won't even fit into one blog)

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

2019 was a big year, so big, that it took me until February 2020 to post my first blog of the year!

We began our journey literally in our driveway. I wanted to be sure that I had everything that I needed. Eight days later, we hooked up the Airstream and took off down the road. But only a few miles… I was still nervous that I was forgetting something. So we spent the next couple of weeks at Cherry Creek State Park and while we were there we:

  • Created our first vlog

  • Had the official launch of BAA at Medved Cadillac - Thank you Sam Mittan for letting us use the space - Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office k-9 for providing a demonstration - Our board for helping us to put on a successful event

  • Walked around the lake (not the whole lake, have you seen how big it is? I don’t even know if there is a trail that goes around the whole thing)

  • Conducted our first interview ever - thank you Deputies Justin and Papa (aka Dennis) Hensley

  • Experienced our first snowfall in our trailer

  • Our first below freezing in our trailer

  • Learned that it wasn’t too bad. Just wear lots and lots of layers

  • Interviewed retired Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher Brandie Puraty while sitting around our campfire

  • Interviewed and photographed Officer Kevin Jamison of the Erie P.D.

And finally, we were off. We headed west to Oregon and absolutely fell in love with the fairy forests (seriously magical and if you don’t see it or sense it, you don’t have a soul) while in Mt. Hood. We journeyed down to the coast and stayed around Manzanita and Seaside. Found out that they also have magical, fairy, forests. Learned that my limit of staying indoors because of rain was six days. Mind you, indoors in less than 250 square feet. Went hiking despite the rain and learned that 9 miles might be about two miles toooo long, particularly when you were slip sliding in Romancing the Stone level mud. While we were there, we:

  • Determined that we cannot take video and edit it. We have too many, “discussions,” about it and to retain our sanity and marriage, we decided we only do FB Live since we don’t discuss it, we can’t, ahem, debate it, it’s done and there’s no going back

  • Saw a blue heron fishing at the edge of the ocean – didn’t even know they were ocean birds

  • Learned that one day you might be able to ride your bike on the sand and the next day, not. After hauling the bikes over the dunes and being sadly disappointed when your beach cruiser doesn’t cruise

  • Saw harbor seals and bald eagles and starfish and lots and lots of gulls (not to be confused with sea gulls cuz I guess that’s not really a thing)

  • Cried while interviewing Seaside PD’s Lt. Bruce Holt and his wife Dana

  • Checked out the Lan Su Chinese Garden and decided that if we ever win the lottery, that’s what we want (not THAT exact one, just that layout, gardens, beauty, harmony, etc. Essentially we want an exact duplicate of THAT one)

  • Spent time with our middle one – Brett – who moved to Portland after high school because he wanted an adventure and God love him, he got one and fell in love with the area. I can’t imagine that we will ever have him move back home to Colorado. Which doesn’t really matter anymore since we are rarely there, I guess….

  • Watched a roller derby training all while photographing Harbinger of Sorrow aka Sergeant Sean Ahlers of Rock Away Beach PD

  • Hiked, a lot. Every day. Loved it!

  • Learned that huckleberries are really a real thing, not something made up by Mark Twain

  • Met and interviewed Starla Green, retired lieutenant of the Warm Springs PD and learned so much about the jurisdictions of a tribal PD

  • Let’s not forget Tillamook cheese, yogurt, ice cream. Pretty much if Tillamook Dairy makes it, it goes in my belly

  • Flew from Portland, all the way across the country to Providence, RI to work on-site at a meeting that I planned and managed – note to self, be sure to re-visit Providence when you have a bit more time, it’s worth a second look

Wow, this is getting pretty long, and I haven’t even talked about Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Utah, or Texas - all of which we covered in 2019. So much happened, we met so many wonderful people and have so many stories to share. Between cows getting loose, cats getting lost, knee-pit sweat, and time changes that would make your head spin, finding the perfect baseball hat, we had some pretty fun adventures in these states. But we’ll talk more about that in the next blog which I solemnly swear, that if I don't post it within the next three weeks, you have my permission to make me eat the skin from fried chicken. Erp, I just threw up in my mouth as it is one of the few things that I refuse to eat.

In the meantime, be sure to reach out to me if you want us to come visit your city, county or state – we are always on the look-out for agencies that want us to come and take their pictures (for FREE – literally, no catches, nothing), and share their stories.

And as always, if you have, or know of someone, that needs help in sourcing hotels for their meetings or needs a meeting and event planner, please think of me. My work as a meeting and event planner is what keeps our cats in kibble and the wheels spinning on Grizz – our faithful truck.


Director of Operations, Marketing, and anything else that needs done

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