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It all started with a yawn...

We did it, We did it, We did it!!!! And to think, it all began with a yawn at 1:30 in the morning...

No, no, nothing like that, this particular blog is strictly G rated. Our dream is becoming a reality. A year ago we came back from visiting our son in England, where he is stationed with the Air Force, and Charlie and I both woke up at 1:30 in the morning and dreamed about what we want to do next, what we want to accomplish. This is what comes of early morning ideas. We have launched a non-profit to celebrate the men and women of law enforcement, Badges Across America, and to us this is huge!!! I mean, who does this? Other people, not people like us. You know, Steady Eddy and his Gal Friday. We get up, make the donuts (for those not from the ‘80’s, this means nothing to you so check it out), pay our bills, do the dishes, wash and repeat.

We will be traveling across all 50 states in our Airstream (sorry Hawaii, you will require another mode but we’ll get there, I promise you!), and share the stories of our men and women in law enforcement. To celebrate their everyday good deeds, their heroics, their drive and passion. We want to celebrate them and we invite you to join us on this journey which kicks off this Spring.

We want to share with you the stories of those that wear the badge and what stands behind them. For us, it began in March 1992 when Charlie went through the sheriff’s academy at Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Golden, Colorado.

Deputy and wife in front of Sheriff's Office
Charlie and Tricia, Graduation Day, June 1992, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Golden, CO

Beginning in detentions, moving to patrol, being a crime scene technician, field training instructor for new patrolman, running work release, conducting riot training, as a SORT sergeant, and an investigative sergeant, this career has provided him a breadth of opportunity to learn, grow and to serve his community in a way that few others have the opportunity to do. The JeffCo family and community has meant the world to us and has seen us through 27 years of laughter and tears. We have raised three beautiful children and have made wonderful friends along the way. We are inspired for the future by those that are just joining up, including our youngest, Carly.

We have also seen and experienced how hard it is to work in this field. The heartbreaking situations of having a first row seat of families going through tragedies, the insults and abuse thrown at you - and yet, none of the rest of us would put up with at our place of employment, the long shifts in brutal weather, missing your kids soccer games, birthdays, and Christmases. What makes these women and men come back to it, day after day? It’s protecting others by getting the drunk driver off the street, catching the thief that stole your laptop that has all of your family photos on it, investigating a murder and ensuring that he/she is off the streets, or finding a small child, who is found wandering alone at night because they snuck out of their house, returning them safely to their parents. It’s waking up a neighborhood as a fire has broken out and ensuring that everyone gets out safe. Being the first one there when your husband has suffered a heart attack. It’s consoling a child who just lost their parent or notifying a parent of a child’s death. It is all of these situations and a thousand others that are both big and small. Essentially, your worst day is the every day for the person wearing the badge.

With 1.2 million full-time law enforcement officers in the country there is a lot to celebrate and we will be sharing their stories with you. I invite you to come along on this journey with us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this - it means the world to me.


p.s. I am a secret nerd (snerd) and love history, stats and figures. For you other snerds, check out the Snerd Alert for cool facts, figures and random historical knowledge about law enforcement.

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Hi Charlie and Tricia! Congrats on the retirement and cool project. We really enjoyed our travels around the US visiting family and National Parks in our Sprinter Van conversion 5 years ago.

Jeri says you'll up in our neck of the woods (Pacific NW) soon. I told Jeri she could give you our contact info - hopefully we can see each other. Maybe have you give a Rotary Club talk, or visit our local law enforcement folks. Dirk Havlak, Olympia, WA


Karmen Hanson
Karmen Hanson
Mar 04, 2019

Love the father and daughter picture. You're leaving JeffCo in good hands. Proud of you guys!


Enjoy the journey! Looking forward to your stories and celebrating the people you meet along the way. Safe travels!

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