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Rocky Mountain High Colorado, and Wyoming, and Utah...

Sunrise along a Wyoming Highway
Sunrise along a Wyoming Highway - picture taken by Charlie while I was inside, drinking a cup of coffee like a normal person.

We have crossed the Rockies and bested Mt. Hood – by driving around it.

Seriously, just a few days ago, Charlie and I were (not)enjoying spring in Denver. Of our four weeks of full time living in our Airstream, we had temperatures down in the 20’s, a blizzard that wasn’t and just enough beautiful weather to tease you with a promise that is never realized.

As we drove through Wyoming and into Utah, we experienced beautiful scenery and I marveled at those that came before us in covered wagons pulled by oxen. Our wagon is made of aluminum and our oxen is diesel. I know we made better time and didn’t have to face starvation or cholera to make it this far west. As we moved on into Idaho and then Oregon, the landscape became greener with vast swathes of farmland that was a tapestry to my eyes.

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay overnight at a vineyard in Buhl, Idaho thanks to our joining a group called Harvest Host*. We had a great time drinking wine and getting to know the owner, Claudia, who was gracious to top off our last glass with the remaining wine in the bottle. I will say if you are looking for an established vineyard with a great steakhouse restaurant/event venue to purchase, Snyder’s Winery is for sale.

We finally saw Mt. Hood in the distance. It was far away for quite a while and when it looked like we were going to reach it, it was gone. Like it had never existed.

I had to ask Charlie where the heck he thought it was and we both agreed it must be to our right but in hiding. As we circumvented the hidden peak, we went up, then down, in altitude. The cats became nervous – do their ears pop at a change of altitude? Fortunately, though, it only took about 45 minutes to circle the peak and once we started losing altitude, it appeared over our right shoulder as if it enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with us.

We are now at Mt. Hood Village RV Resort in Welches, Oregon with a plan to connect with local law enforcement so that we can continue sharing their stories.

Over the past four days as we traveled west, we saw very few law enforcement officers on our way and honestly, there were parts of the highway that had an 80 mph speed limit so we didn’t even see much speeding. We did have one stand out cop – we were in a rest area on day two in the early morning when Charlie observed a state trooper talking to a woman in her car. He was with her for a while then drove off. A little bit later he came back with a gas can and helped her on her way. I, of course, was oblivious to my surroundings and didn’t see any of it. It wasn’t until Charlie told me what he had done that I quickly said we should go talk to him and get a selfie so we could shout out his good deed – but alas, he had already driven away.

And in case you were worried about the cats, they do not appear to have any lasting effects of the change in altitude (up, down, up, down – we did go through the Rockies and into the Cascades). Please let the photographic evidence of their travels set your mind to rest. These cats are loving life. At least that’s what they tell me. I haven’t asked their therapist yet….

Click on the slide show below to see photos taken from my iphone 7, except for one, and that is the image of our Airstream at sunrise. We can thank Charlie for that one :)

*Harvest Host allows you to stay overnight in your RV at one of hundreds of farms, vineyards and museums. You have the option of adding the golf package as well which let’s you also stay at golf course– altogether I believe you get over 800 places in the country for an annual fee of around $55 (they have increased to over $60 now but they do have a 20% off Spring sale taking place). In return, you are asked give back to your host by purchasing something. Seriously, I think you should check them out if you RV.

Let me know if you have a story to share, or know someone that does. You can reach me at

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Tricia Simmons
Tricia Simmons

I will have to check it out Paul - I am fascinated by pioneer women and how difficult daily tasks must have been. Whenever I reflect on why westerners are the way they are - and Americans in general - I credit the drive of our forefathers/mothers, to seek a new life where happiness was not guaranteed, nor a long, healthy life, but they were guaranteed to see new wonders and freedoms making the dangerous trek worth it.


Paul Masi
Paul Masi

As I was reading this I was reminded of one of my favorite books; Centennial by James Michener. I think you would enjoy it as his story follows families on their journey's in covered wagons, etc. It's a classic.

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