From SoCal to Crete, Nebraska - What?

Officer Lavance Reed, Crete Police Department

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Family Is What You Make It

Officer Audrey Arbuckle, Crete Police Department

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Swamp Hollow Forge: Turning A Dream Into A Reality

Officer Chris Rondeau, Rockaway Beach Police Department

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A Chief Deputy, the “Pie Guy” and Santa all walk into a sheriff’s office, wearing the same shoes...

Chief Deputy Joe Koetter, Red Willow County Sheriff's Office, Nebraska 

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A big guy with a big heart and a reserved smile who is dedicated to his community and fellow first responders

Sergeant Sean Ahlers, Rockaway Beach Police Department, Oregon 

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Do you have your hankie? Good, you might just need it for this one as there wasn’t a dry eye in the house during the interview

Lieutenant Bruce Holt, Seaside Police Department, Oregon

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Respecting her culture while serving the badge

Retired Lieutenant Starla Green, Warm Springs Tribal Police,  Oregon. 

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Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine

Dispatcher Brandie Puraty,Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Colorado

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Growing Up "Erie"

Sergeant Jamison, The Town of Erie Police Department, Colorado.​

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Like Son, Like Father?

Deputy Justin Hensley and Deputy Dennis Hensley, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Colorado. 

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